At NuFlowers, LLC  we take the same exacting approach to seed production as we devote to our research.  Our goal is to reproduce each ornamental sunflower variety preserving every important flower trait exactly as it left the breeder's hands.

Once our plant geneticists have finished the 5-7 years of research necessary to create a new ornamental sunflower variety, it is still 3 years before you, our valued customers, see it in catalogs and stores worldwide.  First,  breeder's source seeds  are multiplied in bee isolation cages where we confirm the genetic purity and determine the production nuances of the new variety.   Next,  we contact farmers here in California whom we trust to cooperate in the production of  our seeds.   We maintain genetic purity by assuring that every field of NuFlowers, LLC  is at least 1.5  miles (2.5 km) from any other source of sunflower.   Then we hire local beekeepers to place bees into our fields to aid pollination.

Our farmer cooperators maintain clean and weed-free fields.  They irrigate as necessary to assure plump well-filled seeds.   Employees of NuFlowers, LLC visit each field regularly before, during, and after bloom to remove any plants that are deemed to be off-type.   After looking at thousands of plants of the same variety,  we  know every leaf, stem and petal characteristic of every single variety. 

We control every aspect of seed production and never rely on third party contractors.  NuFlowers,  LLC  plants,  cultivates, and harvests the seeds from every production field using it own farm equipment.   We dry,  clean and condition all of our seeds using the best technology available.  Finally the last step: every single seed that goes into a bag at NuFlowers, LLC is hand-picked.


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