At NuFlowers, LLC we try to know everything we can about sunflower.   We've searched the internet and assembled these useful links on subjects that are important for  your sunflower-growing experience.   We invite you to visit this page often as we add new sources of information for you.

General growing and cultural guides as summarized by various State  agencies:

Sunflower is grown also for oilseed and snack purposes.  Most of the cultural information is pertinent for ornamental sunflower especially  concerning fertilization,  irrigation, and weed control practices.  These links are an excellent resource to familiarize yourself with sunflower:

Weed Control:

Macro and micronutrient fertilizer deficiencies:

Sunflower and its many wild relatives are native to North America.  The genus Helianthus co-evolved with many organisms which are considered pests to healthy sunflower production. The first step to finding a remedy is to properly identify the problem.  These  links provide a very good summary of sunflower disease symtoms:

Every year farmers in the United States plant 2 -3 million acres of oilseed and snack sunflower.  Most of the sunflower acres are concentrated in North Dakota, South Dakota,  Minnesota, Kansas,  Colorado,  Texas, and Nebraska.   The interests of the sunflower industry are represented by the National Sunflower Association in  Bismark, North Dakota:

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