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 American Giant   Hybrid

  Giant BiColor         Junior

 Kong Hybrid

ProCut Gold


   Starburst Blaze

     Stella Gold     Terracotta

Orange Ruffles

     Baby Bear    Cherry Rose        Chianti 

Double Dandy

Double Quick

    Firecracker     Gold Rush

Golden Cheer


The Joker



 Moulin Rouge

Orange Hedge

 ProCut BiColor Plus

Peach Passion


ProCut Orange

ProCut BiColor

ProCut Lemon

ProCut Peach

ProCut Red Lemon BiColor


ProCut Yellow Lite

   Ruby Eclipse

Salt 'n Roast

 Starburst  Panache

   Starburst Aura


 Starburst Lemon Aura

Starburst Lemon Eclair

Summer Sensation

Sundance Kid

Yellow Hedge


 Apricot Twist


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