The people at NuFlowers, LLC make all the difference.  We take pride in every step of the long process in the development and production of each unique sunflower variety.  We value the dedication and loyalty of our experienced staff. For us, there is no substitute for quality and a job well-done.

Dr. Tom Heaton is the founder of NuFlowers, LLC and leads the research effort. Dr. Heaton began sunflower research in 1976 after completing his PhD in Genetics at nearby University of California, Davis.  Prior to starting NuFlowers, LLC in 1994,  Dr. Heaton directed sunflower research at leading international seed companies.

Dr. Heaton has traveled to more than 40 countries in a sunflower research capacity. His career spans 36 years in sunflower breeding and research allowing him to amass the largest collection of ornamental sunflower lines and traits in the world. This collection serves as the foundation of our ongoing genetics research.

Olga Chengaeva joined NuFlowers, LLC in 2006 and assists with shipping, marketing and plant breeding.   Olga's roots are in  the former Soviet Union.  She brings a new dimension to NuFlowers, LLC  identifying and managing  collaborations in  ornamental sunflower  that  may exist in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. 

In addition,  NuFlowers, LLC employees 5 full time warehouse and production technicians who have more than 15 employee years of  collective experience in the  production and seed cleaning of  NuFlowers, LLC's sunflower varieties.  Their steadfast care and loyalty each and every day make our creative work at NuFlowers, LLC a reality.

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