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is the world’s leader in the plant breeding and production of ornamental sunflower seeds,  supplying the seed industry  for the professional cut flower grower as well as for the garden hobbyist.    Seeds of  our  pollen-free commercial cut sunflower types are sold under the ProCut series name.  ProCut sunflowers are known around the world for their flower quality and their reliable  consistent  performance year after year.   Undoubtedly,  you have seen a bouquet of sunflower featuring ProCut Orange, Yellow Lite, or BiColor.

Home gardeners everywhere plant seeds of  NuFlowers, LLC’s  pollen-free varieties bred for garden beds and pots.   Dr. Tom Heaton at NuFlowers, LLC is the creator  of sunflower favorites such as The Joker, Jade, Moonshadow,  Starburst Panache, Starburst Aura, Starburst Lemon Éclair,  Moulin Rouge, Chianti, Terracotta,  Ruby Eclipse,  Cherry Rose, Golden Cheer, Double Quick and many others. The diverse flower shapes and colors of these sunflower varieties dominate every farmer’s market.  And for a real contrast,  check out our pollen-free miniature pot sunflowers,  Firecracker, Junior,  Munchkin and Baby Bear and compare them to  our two giant contest hybrids,  Kong and American Giant.    Click on Products to see them all.  If you need information about growing sunflowers be sure to review our Links page.

Enjoy your visit to the sunflower world of NuFlowers, LLC  where we showcase more than 30 years of ornamental sunflower research and we give you a glimpse into the future of ornamental sunflowers.     If you want to buy seeds, visit the Where to Buy page where you can find Wholesale and Retail  sellers of  our sunflower varieties.  We invite you also to visit our retail sales website: SunflowerSelections.com.  Thanks for making NuFlowers, LLC part of your day.

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